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David and Deb moved to McCall in 2009, with their 4 boys, after being somewhat nomadic for years. Whenever they would move, Deb was always online searching for the next new town. When the opportunity presented itself to move to McCall, the family, who have always loved the outdoors, took a trip, and all agreed that they didn't care what they did for employment, or what they found to live in...they knew McCall was home. And Deb no longer looks for her next new town!

David and Deb's journey into the world of Convenience Stores began in 2017 when their dear friends were looking for someone to take over the business. Like many people who love McCall and the surrounding area, they left their comfort zones and everything they saw themselves doing professionally to pursue a career path that would enable them to stay in McCall. 

Although they never imagined themselves running a convenience store and quick-serve restaurant, they love it mainly for one reason:  the people...locals, tourists, and thru-travelers...they have met along the way. "We love our customers, especially our locals. It is so fun to be in the store and see so many familiar faces. We know their names, we consider them friends, and  feel blessed by these relationships." 

Miner's is also a first job for many nuerodiverse and disabled young people. As an employment partner with Toby's Place, they are a stepping stone where these young adults can learn work skills that will help them transition to eventual full-time employment. To learn more about Toby's Place and it's amazing, inspiring mission, visit:

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