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Fresh, fun, unique, satisfying!

Miner's McCall Market brings the best snack and beverage, tobacco and alcohol options together in a convenient grab n go set-up. Whether you're looking for protein, keto, paleo, organic, healthy or purely indulgent options, we've got you covered. 

In addition to a great selection of traditional chips, nuts, jerky, and candy, we source great local craft beers, fun kombuchas, kavas and other specialty drinks, and gourmet healthy options. We also serve up F'real shakes, a variety of teas, Frazil frozen drinks, and iced and hot coffee, cappuccino and cocoa with plenty of flavor syrups to create the perfect cup. 

Some of our favorite brands include Babe Kombucha, Leilo Kava, Honey Mama's, Hammonds Candy, VooDoo chips, and offering from our very own local McCall Brewing Company. 

Come check us out while you're grabbing delicious food from our fresh taco diner!

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